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Emergency info when life takes a turn, MEDI ID will save your life.

What’s  MEDI ID?

MediiD is a wearable piece of equipment that gives Medical Professional fast access to your secure onlineMedical Profile allowing vital information to be accessed that will save your life.


Pets MediiD has all your pets information, built in messaging & SMS for fast return of your pet when it goes running off.
Set Rewards & See where the tag was scanned.

How does it work?

1) Place MediiD in Wallet or Keyring

Go out with your MediiD, register and link it to your account, fill out your critical information.


2) Scan, TAP, or use device code

Every MediiD Product has three ways to access your secure profile.


3) View Medical profile

Once accessed, view vital information, send messages globally from the profile keeping contacts in the loop.