Medical Alert Bracelets – Top Ten Reasons To Wear

In an era when technology and internet have collectively improved our lifestyle, the health sector has benefited a lot as well. People are now more aware of how they can keep themselves healthier and how to battle against their diseases. Medical IDs are just one of the many medical innovations that we can see nowadays.

Perhaps having been a science fictional thought in the past,  Medical alert bracelets and jewelry are now a reality. Millions of people all over the world wear Medical ID Jewelry which include Medical ID necklaces, anklets, bracelets and charms.

At Medi ID, we provide an online platform which is easy to use and accessible from anywhere through the internet. The QR code or NFC chip on your medical jewelry can be scanned to access the medical information you’ve entered.

Here are the top ten reasons why people wear Medical Alert Jewelry:

  1. They are allergic to food

Although this goes without saying but everyone of us should keep people we spend our time the most with about our food allergies. But, what happens when you’re with a stranger or you’re in a market? Wearing a Medical ID bracelet which reads “Peanut Allergy – Give Benadryl – Call 911” will help people around you in identifying your condition and treating you promptly.

  1. They have Alzheimer’s disease

People who have Alzheimer’s disease are very likely to forget things and get confused very often. Their neurological functions are disturbed and hence, they can easily get lost. The Medical ID can help the surrounding people get to know about the person incase of an accident occurrence.

  1. They have diabetes disease

No matter if you have a Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, wearing a Medical ID is extremely necessary to help the first responders in assistance process. If the person’s ID reveals of his diabetic condition, insulin can be given after a blood sugar test.

  1. They are allergic to drugs

If you are ever caught up in a situation where medical treatment becomes a necessity, your medical ID tag revealing about your drug allergies can help you save from any extra trouble.

  1. They have a disability

Anyone with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and cognitive disabilities should wear a Medical ID because they can’t speak or advocate for themselves when in an event of accident. Their Medical tags need to have their medical and emergency information engraved on them as well.

  1. They are athletes

Medical ID bracelets and necklaces are of good use to athletes such as cyclists and runners who often take off to long distances as the medical tags serve as a form of ID.

  1. They have epilepsy disease

It is extremely helpful for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to get to know if a person has epilepsy as they understand the seizure is not a new symptom. If there were no medical tag for a person having epilepsy, the EMTs would have to waste their time on investigating the causes of epilepsy.

  1. They have kids

Many parents have their children wear medical ID bracelets with the emergency contact information engraved on them. If their child is involved in accident, the first responders can read the necessary information along with the parents’ contact details. Incase the child is lost, he/she can contact his/her parents through their contact numbers given on the tag.

  1. They are caregivers

A lot of people who serve as the sole caretaker for any of their loved ones, often wear Medical ID bracelets which contains all the necessary information about the caretaker, those he/she is assisting and how to get in touch with another caretaker. This helps Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) a lot in case of an emergency or an accident.

  1. They’ve had gastric bypass surgery

Those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery need to wear Medical ID jewelry because they can’t have blind NG tubes inserted in their bodies.