How medical alert bracelets work

How does MediiD work in Emergencies?

MediiD is your personal cloud-based medical profile available to first responders anytime globally. Fast and correct diagnosis during critical situations can save your life.

1) Accidents can happen anytime

Even a simple walk can result in an accident, having a Medical Alert bracelet can save your life.

Medical ID Bracelet for wallet

2) Medical ID Bracelet / Products found

First responders look for Medical jewellery such as a medical alert bracelet, pendants & wallet cards for vital medical conditions.

3) First Responder scans  your Medical ID

Your medical profile is accessible in three ways from MediiD products: TAP (NFC), SCAN (QR), PIN & ID (WEB), allowing medical professionals be informed of vital medical conditions, history & emergency contacts

MediiD Medical Alert Profile
MediiD Alerts

Keep friends and family in the loop

Keep your family & friends updated – First responders can easily enter a message from your profile that is sent out to all of your listed emergency contacts, both emails & SMS.

Survive & Live

In critical situations, Medical Alert Products linking to correct information ensures correct diagnosis and treatment. A medical alert system can speak for you when you can’t.

Get started, create your free MediiD profile.

Getting started is easy and free. Simply click the link below to create your secure MediiD today.

MediiD Medical Alert Profile Online