MediiD Project, Moving forwards.

MediiD is looking for investors to achieve an ecosystem for Client / Clinic cloud based software system.

– Manage clients bookings
– Upload Files & Data secured on AWS Health encrypted platforms.
Manage billing & reporting/ cancel, re& assign, Notify health professional by login/ app
App based booking system, with self check in abilities
Easy share / access doctor to doctor, Dentist to Dentist
– Twain integrations for Xrays, storage, fast sharing between specialists based on / user ID groups created
– Online doctor / Dentist appointments, tele-medical solution, perfect for elderly or lock-downs.

The goal is to be able to run entire small to mid size clinics, maintaining all their data making it fast and accessible for Professionals to operate effectively

We have a vision to bring client data in to one world, allow easy access for multiple practices to add to the same patient, while allowing the patient access to their own data. Clients can not delete or edit data entered by medical professionals, doctors can review previous doctors notes, and can be integrated globally.

For End Users

– One Tap Check in with an NFC MEDI ID, easy tap, easy booking solution with instant access for doctors / Dentists, & other health professionals taking bookings.

Upon sign up, practice type ( Physio , Doctors Clinic, Physiologist etc Dentists ) will import that frame work, pages with specific fields.

All data is encrypted, stored on cloud with AWS Health standards.

Time lines

Development over one year for the first release. Subscription based on user accounts & integrations.