MediiD Wallet Card




Our Wallet card is a fast accessible system to your MediiD Account.

Readily available globally.

If you are traveling or out and about, something happens where you find your self unconscious or an able to speak, the wallet card can store and hold all of your critical life saving information.

First responders and access it in three ways.

By pointing a phones camera at the QR code, it will open a link to your secure MediiD profile.
By Tapping an NFC enabled phone, it wil open your MediiD profile instantly.

MediiD Profiles, once accessed are able to send messages globally to your emergency contacts , friends and family.It will SMS, and send an email alerting people to your whereabouts and situation.

First responders can see any health issues you have, as well as access any medical documents you have shared to your profile such as Health Insurance, meaning if you are in need of urgent surgery, your health insurance on hand will go a great distance in providing you with the health care you require.

A MediiD linked accessory will save your life, and speak on your behalf when you can’t.

If used only once, job done.

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  1. brendon

    SImple and fast for the emergency people to access my data, it saved my life once and let people know whats going on from my emergency contacts!

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